Mindful Leadership Dipstick
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What big changes in your life have you experienced in the past 6-12 months? *
What top 3 challenges in your life keeps you awake at night? *
What 3 things are you grateful for in life? *
Overall, I feel well and whole (emotionally, physically, etc). *
I am able to balance work with play and other aspects of my life. *
I am flexible and adapt to change in a positive way. *
I am able to recognize and manage the things that cause me stress. *
I manage my stress the moment it happens. *
I am kind and compassionate to myself. *
I am able to be curious and keep an open-mind even in challenging situations. *
I am able to be creative and explore different solutions even in challenging situations. *
I actively listen to what my body is telling me and take action accordingly. *
I do physical exercise or some other activity on a regular basis. *
I feel like my life has purpose and meaning. *
I have found a balance between meeting my needs and the needs of others. *
What benefits are you expecting from participating in a mindfulness program that levels up your strategic awareness? *
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