NL Heritage Craft at Risk survey
The aim of the NL Heritage Craft at Risk survey is to access the current viability of traditional heritage crafts in NL, and to identify those crafts which are most at risk of disappearing. The project also aims to create a list of heritage crafts in NL, accompanied by information about each craft and whom may practice it.

What is a "Heritage Craft"?

For the purposes of this research, we are using the definition developed by the UK-based Heritage Crafts Association, which defines a heritage craft as "a practice which employs manual dexterity and skill and an understanding of traditional materials, design and techniques, and which has been practised for two or more successive generations."

For this survey, we are asking crafters, makers, and builders to give us feedback on the current state of the heritage craft form they are most familiar with in Newfoundland and Labrador. This information will be used to compile a list of those crafts most at threat in the province.

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