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You need a quote, and you need it fast. By filling out this form you will avoid a game of email ping pong to clarify things, and so streamline the process. Feel free to leave a field blank if it’s a no or an I don’t know. Thank you.
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If this is a high-end production and you know you need (or suspect you need) a director of photography, lighting technician, sound engineer and other specialized crew besides camera operators, please email us to set up a meeting to discuss your production. Thank you.
If your video is an interview, or if it will require us to shoot at least one interview, please fill this in, otherwise skip to the next section.
How many interviews will take place and can we do them all on the same day? If not, how many days of shooting do you anticipate?
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Video other than interviews (b-roll):
If you want us to shoot video that contains no interviews - for example an ad, a promotional video - or if you want us to also shoot cut away shots (broll) for the post producition of your interview, please fill in this section.
How many cameras are we using (see below for the difference it makes)?
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How many days of shooting do you anticipate?
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Are we editing this video or just delivering the footage to you after the shoot?
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Do you need a voice over?
Are we creating any graphics: animated typography, intro and outro, logos, diagrams, maps, etc. If yes, please explain.
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Do you want a music track?
Do you want us to put any animation into your video? If so, could you please provide a description of how much and roughly what type of animation you need? See our Animation Sampler at
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Are we burning any DVDs for you or creating a pay-per-download service?
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The difference it makes:
One or more cameras
A multi-camera shoot also allows the exact same action to be captured from different angles, different framings and different supports (jib, crane, Steadicam). This means that in post-production, the video editor can switch to a different take on the same scene, giving your video a much more professional look. Also, one camera operator can only capture so much in a given amount of time. If time is a bit tight, then multiple cameras will be needed.
If you have any questions or if you wish to discuss your production, please call us at +41 78 318 8232. We're here to help.
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