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For the 2016-17 school year. If you don't want to answer optional questions, leave them empty; don't put in "none" or "n/a."
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E.g. a phone number or secondary email address. We recommend that you join our Remind group so we can tell you when a meeting is cancelled or remind you that a deadline is coming up.
Previous robotics experience
Have you participated in a robotics program in middle school? Do you know any programming languages? Have you made an RC plane or something with a Raspberry Pi? Are you unparalleled in filling out online forms?
Which aspect(s) of robotics interest you? *
This is just a preliminary check; we won't make you stay in one aspect. Also, many of these categories are connected. For example, a programmer (software) would need to know how the robot is wired (electronics).
Parent Information
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If your other parent wants to receive emails as well.
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Mentors are very important to robotics club. We want as many mentors as we can get, so tell your parents about robotics club. They can find out more about what a mentor does at our website.
Information for grants
This next section is optional. We use this information when we apply to grants from certain organizations in order to raise money for robotics.
Clear selection
Does anyone in your family work at one of these companies?
If one of our members has a parent working at one of these companies, it would be easier to receive a grant.
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