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Every year we give out free SWAG bags, or as we call them goodie bags to the 1st 200 shoppers on Saturday morning at the Holiday Market. This is a great opportunity to get your brand in the hands of these holiday shoppers! We regularly promote the best items in the bag on social media and get a huge line of anxious holiday shoppers!

We ask that SWAG be somewhat of a promo item, not just a coupon. Coupons get lost in the bag- if you attach your coupon to something you're more likely to stand out and reach a new customer! Promo items in the past have been, chapstick from a local salon, matches from a local candle maker, mini soaps, mini perfumes, colored pencils from a gallery, wine bottle opener from a winery, post-it notes, keychains, and so on. If you need help thinking of something - please don't hesitate to reach out- we're here to help! Also if you need custom printed anything... we use local business American Advertising. Our contact there is Brad Frank - shoot him an email if you're looking for options and pricing:

The sign up deadline is Oct 31st 2017 and goodie bag drop off deadline is Nov 15th. Your 200 goodies can be dropped off at The Trolley Museum in downtown Scranton. You can let the front desk know that they are for ScrantonMade Holiday Market.

You can also mail your Goodies to:
Electric City Trolley Museum
300 Cliff St, Scranton, PA 18503
Attn: ScrantonMade Holiday Market

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