Dialogue With A Stranger
Thank you for your interest in our programme "Dialogue With A Stranger".

This programme is held by Hong Kong Community Network-LINK Centre which is sponsored by Home Affair Department. It aims to promote the idea that no one should prejudge the worth or make judgments about someone by appearance or first impression. We also hope to nurture a society of people who are more willing to learn about each other and becoming more accepting. Our target group is only for Ethnic Minorities (non-Chinese people) who are holders of Hong Kong Identity Card.

Important Notes:
1) Filling & submitting the application form does not guarantee applicant's rights of admission to the programme. An interview will be conducted for those who filled and submitted the application form.
2) LINK Centre reserves the authority for all final decisions.
3) All your information provided would be of LINK Centre confidential use only.
4) Rights of admission are reserved on first come first served based.
5) Application Deadline: 27/11/2019 (Wednesday) before 9:00 pm
Part 1: Applicant Information
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