Spring Monitoring Volunteer Application
Thank you for your interest in being a Springs Stewardship volunteer with Friends of Nevada Wilderness! Please answer the following questions honestly so we can evaluate your experience and preferences. No answers will disqualify you from volunteering; we just want to match you with events that will be fun and safe for you!
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Describe your most recent hiking trip, including details about elevation and distance. What is the maximum number of miles you are comfortable hiking in a day? Have you exercised at high elevations (like the Mt. Charleston area) before? OR please describe other types of physical activity you engage in. *
Are you comfortable navigating with a GPS or topo map and compass? Please describe.
Do you own a handheld GPS? (Not required!)
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Do you have access to a vehicle for spring surveying? Select all that apply. *
Are you comfortable off-roading in your vehicle, including on potentially rough roads? *
If relevant, please describe your experience off-roading.
What types of spring stewardship volunteering are you most interested in? Select all that apply.
Please select the days of the week that are typically best for you to volunteer (not a commitment, just for our internal planning purposes)
Would you like your name and contact information added to a contact list so other volunteers could arrange to visit springs with you?
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Do you have any experience doing spring surveying or related activities (like identifying animals and plants, measuring water quality, etc)? Please describe. Beginners are welcome too!
Please provide the name and phone number of two emergency contacts that you can check in and out with when you go surveying. *
Do you have any other questions, comments, or concerns? Chantal will do her best to address them!
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