Volunteer as a Steward
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Thanks be to God! We are now able to celebrate Mass as a community in our church from Saturday, 4th July 2020!

In preparation for this, we need to have stewards available at our church during this hour.

The stewards will share the task of:
- managing the entry and exit of people into and out of the church
- ensuring that only the allowed number of people are inside the church at any given time
- ensuring that safe distance is maintained between the people
- assisting with any queries
- managing the flow of people during communion
- maintaining the general hygiene of the church

If we don’t have enough stewards for a certain day, unfortunately we won't be able to have Mass on that day. So if you could give us a hand, it would be greatly appreciated!

Please indicate your availability below, and we will get in contact with you to confirm details.

Note: In order to safeguard the well being of our volunteers, we cannot accept any offers from people who have underlying medical conditions or are 70+.
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