Threats of Desertification
Read over the definition of desertification and then work with your partner to brainstorm a list of possible causes, impacts, and solutions. After the Aral Sea discussion (Notes) complete the Desertification Map Quest.
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Part I - Pair Think
Work with a problem to answer the following questions about desertification

Desertification: The Spread of desert-like conditions in Semi-Arid climates resulting in long-term (or permanent)
changes in the characteristics of the biome.
Possible Causes: *
Possible Impacts: *
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Part II - Desertification Map Quest
Use internet resources and the maps to come up with explanations for how the following factors contribute to

Desertification Maps -
1. Location of Current Deserts *
2. Mean Annual precipitation *
3. Potential Evapotranspiration *
4. Land Degradation Severity *
5. Identify the three Areas/Regions that you believe are most susceptible to Desertification
Part III - Application
6. Choose one of the areas from question 5 and use information from three of the different maps to explain why you believe that area is in danger from desertification.
a. Information from map - 1 (Include which map you used in your explanation) *
b. Information from map - 2 (Include which map you used in your explanation) *
c. Information from map - 3 (Include which map you used in your explanation) *
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