POCA AAT Training Evaluation
Thank you for participating in the training! 

We want your feedback so we can keep improving our logistics and content. This brief evaluation (along with quiz, ear log, and pledge) must be submitted in order to receive your Certificate of Completion. Anonymous feedback will be shared with trainers when relevant. 
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How useful was the overall content of the training to you becoming an AAT?
Not even a little bit
100% useful
Did the needle management instruction and practice leave you feeling confident in your ability to complete the 5 Needle Protocol on a variety of ear shapes and sizes? *
How clear and thorough was the anatomy of the ear and point location instruction? *
On point!
How supportive and respectful were your trainers? *
I feel held
How comfortable and conducive to learning was your environment? *
Not even a little bit
Did the trainer(s) offer effective supervision and support during the clinical practice sessions?
Did the trainer(s) orient you to POCA and clearly explain the requirements to receive your Certificate of Completion?
How clear was the presentation on trauma and addiction?  *
Both presented and pre-work / self-study material
Crystal Clear
How clear and thorough was the Clean Needle Technique and Safety/Adverse Events instruction?  *
Both presented and pre-read material
Spotty at best
I'm a CNT/safety wizard now
How organized and well-planned was this training?  *
A clusterf*&?k
Smooth operators!
Were your trainers knowledgeable and did they encourage questions? *
Did this training meet your expectations?  *
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