EMYS/UVUEM Referee Survey
This survey is to give feedback to the IREF trainers to help the referees in the IREF program. Remember that this is a training league and these are first year referees. Please be positive and detailed in answers.
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Are you a coach or parent?
IREF ID of the referee. If none use "No ID".
Date of the match
Name of the coach
Was the referee on time? *
Was the referee in full uniform? (Yellow jersey, Black shorts, sox and IREF Patch) *
if no, what part of the uniform was missing?
Did the referee check in the players before the match? *
Did the referee introduce him/her self to the parents prior to the match or at half time? *
Rate the referee's effort working the field during the match. (1 Little effort --5 Max effort) *
Little Effort
Max Effort
Did the referee use the whistle in a manner that you could hear when play was to stop? *
Did the referee talk to the players and explain briefly the call when play was stopped? *
Did the referee use hand signals clearly for throw in, goal and corner kick, substitution and direct and indirect fouls? *
If no, what signals were missing or unclear?
Was the Referee clear when applying advantage either by loudly stating "Play on" and or using an arms signal? *
If no, what advantage signals were missing or unclear?
In your opinion, did the referee have a basic understanding of the laws of the game? *
If no, what law(s) were the referee missing?
Was the referee in good position for making decisive calls? *
If no, what was the circumstance?
Was the referee positive in his/her communication with player, parents and coaches?
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If no, what was the circumstance?
In your opinion, what does this referee need to improve on? Please give as much detail as possible for our training staff.
Would you like to be contacted by IREF? If so, leave us your name and email address and an IREF repetitiveness will respond.
A little about you for the next few question
Are you now or have you been a certified referee?
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Would you be willing to be an  IREF mentor for your league?
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If yes, please provide your contact information and level of certification and an IREF representative will contact you.
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