CAAT and ASP - Winter Season Sign-up
Competitive Athletic & Academic Teams (CAAT) and After School Programs (ASP) are now available.

CAAT involves meeting on a regular basis, like a team, and participants should expect to also be attending competitions as a team. Examples in the past have been Soccer and Mathletes.

ASP is something that also meets regularly after school, but without the competitions to attend, or schools to compete against. An example in the past has been Homework Club.

Please fill out this form if you would like to join an ASP or CAAT between Nov.16 and Mar. 8, 2016 (Winter Season).

There are several choices:

Mon/Wed - 4:10-5:10 - Percussion Ensemble - (ASP) - available for *234 - twenty-five Monday/Wednesdays (*free, but students must audition) Please only sign up if you are new to the group. Students who previously signed up are expected to be in it for the full school-year.
Percussion Ensemble is an music performance group that meets after school on Mondays and Wednesdays. We will perform at both FP concerts. All 3rd and 4th grade students are eligible to join this music group, where we will be learning how to play music on different percussion instruments, focusing on snare drum and xylophone. 2nd grade students may join by audition.

Tue/Thur - 4:10-5:10 - Badminton/Floor Hockey Team - (CAAT) - available for 1234 - twenty-four Tuesday/Thursdays plus two tournaments (270,000)
Badminton before the winter break; floor hockey after the winter break
Badminton competition in December.
Floor Hockey competition in March.
Students will learn the basic skills of badminton and rules of the game. The focus is on fun and acquiring skills!
Just like real hockey, minus the ice and skates! Students will learn the basic skills and rules of hockey. This version of hockey is sometimes called ball hockey.

Tue - 4:10-5:10 - Public Speaking - (ASP) - available for 234 - thirteen Tuesdays (130,000)
The purpose of Public Speech is for students to be introduced to the idea of public speaking, and for how to effectively communicate their ideas.

Thur - 4:10-5:10 - Mathletes - (CAAT/ASP) - available for 1234 - eleven Thursdays (110,000) *competition fees, TBA
Mathletes is a fun and competitive activity that any student can participate in. It is a great way for students to develop intuitive thinking skills and learn new types of math. This program consists of lessons that introduce students to topics in mathematics not normally seen at the elementary school curriculum. Students who participate in Mathletes will be eligible to apply for the Math Competition in the future.
Middle School Mathletes (CAAT) prerequisites: students will be admitted based on MAP results and recommendation from math teacher.
Lil' Phoenix Mathletes (CAAT) prerequisites: students must have a minimum of 3 or above in math to be eligible for this team.
Star Mathletes (ASP) prerequisite: passion for math (first-come first-served).

Fri - 3:00-4:30 - Swim Team - (CAAT) - available for 1234 - nine Fridays (135,000)
Dive into this opportunity to represent CDS FP. Students will be practicing their skills to become stronger and faster swimmers. Competitions are the end goal, and info will follow when available.

Fri - 3:00-4:30 - Futsal Team - (CAAT) - available for PKK1234 - nine Fridays plus one tournament (150,000)
Futsal competition in February.
Students will learn important skills and tactics of futsal followed by a fun competition. We will dribble, pass, defend, shoot and play! This lab will be about learning the differences between soccer and futsal, and having loads of fun!

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