Faculty Support for Workers at the New School
To the New School Administration:

We the faculty are deeply disappointed in the ways the administration has conducted itself at the bargaining table with the unions representing workers at this university. These failures have resulted in direct protest: an academic student worker strike, a graduate student advisor wildcat strike, and an occupation of the cafeteria this semester.

We call on the administration to repair the harm that has been done to the New School community by committing to the following:

1. Meet the remaining demands of cafeteria workers and their allies: requests for workplace democracy and stable employment and benefits in an environment free of harassment.

2. Reverse the cuts to the student advisors' healthcare and maintenance of status fee waivers.

3. Return to the bargaining table with SENS-UAW with an economic proposal that would allow student employees to meet their basic human needs for healthcare and livable wage.


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A.W. Strouse Literary Studies
Alan Bass GF-Philosophy
Alan Ruiz Visual Studies
Alfredo Cabrera Fashion
Aliza Shvarts Parsons Fine Arts
Andrew Arato NSSR sociology
Anezka Sebek AMT-Parsons
Anna Daley Open Campus
Ariel Goldberg Parsons, Fine Arts
Arlene Collins
Beata Szpura AAS Parsons
Ben Katchor Parsons/AMT
Benoit CHALLAND NSSR, Sociology
Brian Brooks Parsons / ADHT
Brian McCormick NSPE School of Media Studies
C Emily Waters Parsons
Caveh Zahedi Screen Studies, Eugene Lang College
Charlene Lau Parsons
Chiara Bottici NSSR
Chloe Smolarski First Year
Claire Potter History/ NSSR & SPE
Clifford Christen Diane Eugene Lang / FYR, FYS, Culture and Media
David Gibbs Parsons School of Design
David Lamoureux GPIA
David Lopato Jazz
David Mann Fine Arts
David Shapiro
Demi Adeniran First Year
Diane Moser Jazz
Elinor Renfield DRAMA
Emily Miller ADHT
Francis Tseng Lang Culture & Media
Gabi Asfour IDP
glen velez mannes
Glenna Gordon GPIA
Heather María Ács NSD
Jaime Arredondo ADHT
Jaime Tanner Parsons School of Design
James Baker Mannes College
James Romberger Parsons Illustration
Jenifer Talley NSSR/Psychology
Jennifer Ayres ADHT
Jill Enfield
Joan Abraham Parsons School of Design: Marketing Department
Joan Schuman NSPE-School of Media Studies
Johannah Herr Fine Arts Department
Jonsara Ruth Parsons/ School of Constructed Environments
Joshua Lubin-Levy
Karam Tannous Dept of Foreign Languages
Karen Ludwig Drama
Katayoun Chamany Eugene Lang College, Science and Math
Kathleen Sweeney New Schools for Public Engagement, Media Studies
Keith Sanborn Media and Cultire
Kiersten Nash School of Design Strategies
Laura Fashion / Parsons
Laura Maria Censabella Drama
Linda A Pelc Teaching and learning
Lisa Freedman NSPE Writing Program
Luis Guzman Schools for Public Engagement
Margaret Fiore SPE
Marissa Aroy SPE Milano
Markus Schulz Sociology
Martin Prelle-Tworek Fashion Design
Max Wilson Fashion Design
Maya Gunji Mannes
Mia Charlene White Environmental Studies
Miles Strucker Parsons
Miller Oberman First-Year Writing
Mindy Fullilove Milano
Miriam Ticktin Anthropology, NSSR
Nancy Wu COPA
Natalia Mehlman Petrzela Lang - History
Natasha Lennard NSSR
Nitin Sawhney School of Media Studies
Oliver Kellhammer
Orin O’Brien Mannes College of Music
Professor Burned CoPA
Professor Jeremy Varon
Professor Nancy Fraser New School for Social Research/Philosophy and Politics
R. Nelson
Rachel Youens Parsons
Randi Ross The Writing Program
Rebecca Centeno New School MA Media Studies 2011-2012
Robert Sikoryak
Sam Lavigne
Savanna Washington SPE/Media Arts
Selena Kimball Parsons
Sergio Ruzzier Parsons/Illustration
Shi An Tong (石安童) Community
Sonya Abrego ADHT
Stephane Zaborowski Foreign Languages
Stephanie Moses School for Public Engagement
Support the workers Foreign Languages
Susan Lob Milano/Urban Policy
Talia Lugacy
todd ayoung first year
Ujju Aggarwal SPE
Valeria Bianco SCE
Vincent Cianni Parsons/AMT
Wevly Wilson School of Fashion
William Lamson Parsons School of Design, Photography
Ying chen Nssr economics

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