November 2nd Teen Contra Dance & Music Jam
A fun community dance & music jam for teens !

WHEN: Saturday, November 2nd

(December- Happy Holidays)
Saturday, January 4th
Saturday, February 15th
** Saturday, March 7th in OAKLAND **
Saturday, April 11th
Saturday May 16th

6:30-8:00 p.m. Teen music jam (games in the other room, lead by dance teacher)
8-10:00 p.m. Dances taught & called with live fiddle band.
10:00 p.m. Group photo!
10-11:00 p.m. Snacks and time to hang out with new friends (followed by cleanup by all)

WHERE: 160 North 3rd Street, San Jose (First Unitarian Church of San Jose)
As you face the church stairs, go up the ramp/stairs on the RIGHT to the rear social hall building.

PRICE: $10-20 each (includes jam or dance or both), Please pay what you can to support our musicians!
Work trade or scholarship available for free entry, apply below for limited spots.
Paypal, Venmo in advance or Cash at the door.
**If you can afford to pay $10 AND want to volunteer, we need to pay hall rental and musician gratuity.
Donations are welcome so we can continue to do more dances. Both sponsors are 501c3 non-profits. Perhaps you can do a work-match donation?

EMAIL: claire dance caller AT gmail DOT com
VOICEMAIL & phone contact during the dance: 408 874-6840

Bring a potluck snack to share (ready to serve) Water is available, Bring a water bottle (cuz it's good for our planet)
What is Contra Dance?
Contra dance is a fun, easy dance with a partner and other couples in a long line or circle that is taught & prompted by the caller, using gender-free roles (Larks on Left, Ravens on Right). You don't need to bring a partner or experience. You will mix around after each dance. If you can walk and hold hands, you can dance! You will try some American folk dances like contra, squares, old-time barn dances with modern tunes and modern dances with old-time tunes. We are also starting to work on some couple dances, like waltz, polka, etc.

Everyone listens to the caller, who briefly teaches all the moves while you "walk through" the dance. The caller will continue to prompt as you dance to live fiddle music. You learn as you try and soon everyone is moving and smiling. There is no perfection or judgement, we dance to have fun. It is good exercise, so wear cool layers and comfortable shoes.

The caller and band are amplified on a PA sound system.

Videos of dance types we may do (we start really easy and learn more challenging dances over the night):
How does the acoustic folk music jam work?
Any teen interested in playing folk music with others can join ($10 or apply for scholarship) Bring copies of sheet music to share or a tune you want to teach by ear. Or just come with your instrument and learn some chords or notes to play along. The band musicians will help lead the jam. Anyone is welcome to play behind the band (off mic) for the dance, or join the dancing. (The best dance musicians also know how to dance)
Who is Sponsoring and Supervising this Event?
This event is sponsored by Bay Area Country Dance Society, First Unitarian Church of San Jose (discounted rent), and private donations.

Claire Takemori is the organizer and dance caller. Claire is a life-long dancer, musician and parent of a 17 year-old home schooler. She is passionate about bringing more folk music and dance to teens, young adults, families and communities. There are also adult volunteers helping to run and supervise the dance. Reply below if you can help setup or cleanup.
Is This a Drop Off Event?
Yes. Teens may drive themselves, or parents may drop off/pick up in front of the event building.

Parents are encouraged to drop off their teens. However, there is an upstairs lounge where parents can wait. Parents are welcome to volunteer for setup, snack management, cleanup, publicity, etc. Please share your passions!

If Parents are staying, we do ask that they give the teens room to mingle and be themselves. You'd be surprised how they bloom when you give them room.
What Ages Will Be Dancing?
The dance floor is open to teenagers, 13-19 years. Young adult relatives are welcome with a teen. Sorry, no parents or adults.
Is there a Dress Code?
Not specifically. Cool layers, comfortable shoes are encouraged. The dances are very active.
Where do I park?
Free meter parking is available on Sunday, and meters run til 6pm on Saturdays ($2/hr coin or credit card). The closest streets are: N.3rd Street, between E. St.John & E. St James (No parking lot. Do NOT park in the lot behind the church off 4th St, they will tow) In case street parking is scarce, there is a $5 paid parking lot at 95 N.3rd St.
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