NICA Rulebook Test
How much did you learn?
The Basics
NICA stands for... *
Drake High School is in the __________ League *
Chapter 1
The 3 levels of consequences are? *
Chapter 2
What happens for a yellow level consequence? *
What happens for an orange level consequence? (Check all that apply) *
Red level consequence...
Which of the following are RED level consequences? (Check all that apply) *
What list has all the banned substances in NICA? *
Caffeine use before races... *
Which of the following are all things that should be done while riding according to NICA? (Check all that apply) *
Chapter 3
Drake High School is considered by Norcal to be a _______ team *
Which of the following is true for Varsity? *
NICA has a transgender policy *
Chapter 4
A helmet... (Check all that apply) *
Helmets are a necessary safety feature that prevents injury to the head. Injuries to the head has many adverse effects including death.
A mountain bike, according to NICA, has... *
Other accessories include... *
Race plates only need to be on your bike at the start line, after that they can be given to your coach to hold for next race. *
If your bike breaks during a race, what is the FIRST thing you should do? *
If you receive outside assistance, whether in the form of tools or repair help, what is the penalty? *
If you take outside assistance, do you have to report it to an official after your race? *
If your bike can't be fixed, you are allowed to run it along side the trail, as long as you don't interfere with other racers. *
Chapter 5
An upside down arrow means... *
Cutting the course is an effective and legal strategy which can be used to help gain an advantage over other riders. *
Chapter 6
How long before the start of your race should you be at the start line? *
A "Call Up" is best described as... *
"General Staging" references too... *
What should be done while passing a slower rider? (Check all that apply) *
The leader (front rider) owns the trail but can't block *
If there is an emergency situations where a vehicle is blocking the trail... (Check all that apply) *
The league reserves the right to pull a rider from any race based on... *
Chapter 7
The start date of the Norcal regular season is... *
Chapter 8
The two types of scoring are _______ and _______. *
For overall scoring, you lowest score is dropped after 3 races. *
Call up positions are determined by... *
What is the bonus for starting all the races in the Norcal season to your overall points? *
For a D1 team, like Drake, what is the MINIMUM amount of girls and boys needed as part of the top 8 scorers? *
Which of the following are acceptable top 8 scorer groups if B represents boys and G represents girls? *
What is the "Leader's Jersey"? *
Chapter 9
All are reasons to pre-ride the course expect... *
The rules of the pre ride are (to)... (Check all that apply) *
Pre riding with an ID or a race plate is... *
Chapter 10
A "Pit Zone" is... *
A "Feed Zone" is... *
A "feed" can include... (Check all that apply) *
If a rider doesn’t need a feed, the rider should get to the opposite side of the feeders, as not to obstruct other riders looking for a feed *
Chapter 11
What does a "Sweeper" do? *
Chapter 12
You can protest if... *
Chapter 13 & 14
Parents and coaches must... (Check all that apply) *
And a Little Team Spirit
Just for kicks!
One thing that Drake does at all race is... *
If you have a question, what resources do you have to answer it? (Check all that apply) *
The goal of riding on the team is... *
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