Hayley Mulenda Mentorship
Thank you for applying to take part in Hayley Mulenda’s Mentorship Programme 2020. Hayley is not taking any new people until September as she is currently running a group mentorship until August and she wants to dedicate her time to them!

We are open to take new people and we just ask you fill out this application. All applications will be reviewed and each applicant will be contacted for the next steps.

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With the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), all organisations must review how they manage data. By giving your consent we will use the information above to help provide a great service for you, this includes tailoring the information we share with you to help ensure it's relevant, useful and timely. By being on the mentorship programme you will be automatically added to our mailing list, which you can opt out at any time by sending us an email. *
After filling out the form, please read the ‘Hayley Mulenda Coaching’ pdf document attached to the email (especially pages 11-13).  Please note that this programme has limited spaces, therefore we can only select those that we believe we can provide the most value to. Please complete this form as fully as possible. The information you provide will help us to make sure you are getting the most out of the programme.  
Please note that the mentorship programme is online and this will be group mentoring, if you would like one-on-one mentoring, there will be more information below.
This programme will be £25 a month for 4 months. (you can either pay monthly or pay £100 in full)
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One-on-One Mentoring
Hayley does offer one-on-one mentoring packaging; the prices vary.
If you would like more information on Hayley's one-on-one packages, please email Charmaine at admin@hayleymulenda.com and with the subject line "one-on-one mentorship with Hayley Mulenda"

Looking forward to seeing how we can help you have a transformational year.
God bless

HM team x
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