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Our planet is facing an unprecedented emergency, with billions at risk because of climate change. Ecosystems are being destroyed, people are being displaced and natural disasters are happening at a larger scale than ever before. As a movement spanning all continents, we cannot stand idle.

As such, the World YMCA is preparing a Position Paper on Climate Change, which will help shape how the Movement sees this issue and will lay out relevant proposals. This will be the first step of a broader strategic direction, and further on a more detailed Policy Paper will be developed, together with an action plan.

Join us in shaping the YMCA's global position on climate change, in a spirit of collaboration and sharing! Your contribution, experience and knowledge will help make the YMCA position more relevant and closer to the grassroots reality.

Please submit your answers by March 15.

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Your views on the climate emergency
What are the key 3-5 issues affecting your community regarding climate change? What are the causes of these issues, in your opinion?
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What are the solutions that we need TODAY to address climate change?
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What are the solutions that we need in the LONG-TERM to address climate change?
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The role of the YMCA
What do you think the YMCA’s role should be in addressing climate issues?
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Are you aware of any solutions that your community or your YMCA is applying to counter climate change issues? If so, which ones?
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How can the YMCA be a strategic local, national or global player for addressing climate change?
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Additional comments (optional)
If you know of a great YMCA initiative tackling climate issues, a key YMCA activist or solution-provider who is providing inspiration or if you just want to send us a message, please do it here.
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