You want to live a healthy, safe and drug free life by making good decisions
We support the T.R.Y. Vision and Mission

· We create Action Teams of 10 peers each (Team Lead, Co-Lead, and eight peers) - Teams do not have to be school based.

· We focus our knowledge on Tobacco, Alcohol, Marijuana, Prescription Drugs and Club/Synthetic Drugs; Good mental health (prevent, bullying, suicide, self harm, and Health (healthy food, positive body image, limit screen time and proper sleep)

· We receive training on how substance abuse affects our lives and the lives of those we care about

· We discuss substance abuse problems and challenges that we see in our communities

· We lead our Action Teams in becoming positive role models at school and in the community

· We create Personal Life and Health Plans to keep us on track for our future

· We educate our parents

· We educate our peers

· We educate younger children (Health Rocks! Media Detective, Media Ready)

· We take part in policy change by talking to and writing to our elected government officials

· We write Letters to the Editor

· We interview adults and community leaders

· We use social media (FB, Twitter, Text) to spread positive messages

· We participate in National Prevention Activities: National Drug Fact Week; National Kick Butts Day; National Alcohol Awareness Month, Suicide Prevention, Town Hall Meeting and Recovery Month Celebration.

· We serve the community in many ways: We give away book bags and Christmas gifts; participate in community clean ups and more

· We have fun: Alcohol and Drug Free dances and events; Leadership retreats

· We raise funds to support the ongoing efforts of T.R.Y


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Paid Leaders require ongoing participation and attendance at 1 meeting per month 3rd Saturdays at ReCity 112 Broadway Street Durham, NC 27701 - Additional requirements for paid positions apply and are identified as (PAID). 1 PAID position per school, community or faith group unless the team has 10 or more members. PAID positions are renewed each school year based on available funds.
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Social Media – Post on FB, Twitter, etc 10 messages per month (PAID) UNPAID ( 5) *
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Speak at City Council, County Commissioner, School Board meeting as directed - 2/ year - ALL *
Write Articles as directed (PAID 4/YEAR) *
Attend April Annual Conference (You, Parent and at least 1 team member/friend) Sell 2 tickets *
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It's Good to LIFT!
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For Their Good:
Urge my child to NEVER ride with any driver who has been drinking or using drugs Be available if my child needs a ride home if they call about drinking or drugs at a social event Notify parents of minors who arrive at your home drunk or appear under the influence: "Come and pick up your child." Warn your child not to drink from an unopened container Allow your child to use you as an excuse when offered alcohol or drugs: "My Mom said that I have to leave now"; My Dad said that I can't go - bummer"
It's the Law
It's important to know the laws concerning safety and legality
RE: It's the Law
Durham Public Schools - Suspension Policy - Full polices are at 4300
The Student Code of Conduct rules are leveled, indicating the severity of each violation and the type of intervention and/or consequence. Students may also receive in-school interventions and/or in-school disciplinary consequences for violation of any school-specific rules, provided students and parents are provided prior written notice of such rules (and the consequences for violating them), the rules are published on the school website and/or available for inspection at the school’s main office, and the rules are not in conflict with this or any other Board policy or state or federal law.
Did You Know? - Alcohol
TIP! Responsible Drinking: 0 alcohol - under 21, while pregnant, or taking certain meds 1 standard drink per day for females; 2 standard drinks per day for males . According to the American Cancer Society, Alcohol can be linked to several forms of cancer.
Did You Know? - Tobacco
TIP! Smoking kills more people than alcohol, AIDS, car crashes, illegal drugs, murders, and suicides combined — and thousands more die from other tobacco-related causes — such as fires caused by smoking (more than 1,000 deaths/year nationwide) and smokeless tobacco use.
Did You Know? - Marijuana
TIP! Marijuana places more tar on the lungs than tobacco? Colorado has issued Public Health Warnings about recreational use - Diane Carlson, of SMART Colorado, "Youth marijuana use can have lifelong implications. The risks, which include psychosis, suicide, drug addiction and lower IQs, have been reported based on research on much lower THC potencies than are typically sold on Colorado's commercial market,” she said.
Did You Know? - Opiates and Overdose
Opioid Misuse and Overdose is Preventable:Prescription Drugs.
Use as prescribed
Take meds for only as long as you need them
Do not share meds
Lock up meds
Dispose of unused and/or expired meds here - no questions or forms to fill out
LOCK IT! DROP IT! Durham NC Permanent Drop box locations:
PD Headquarters; District 2, 3, Substations; Justice Complex Downtown;
Sheriff's remote location - Rougemont.
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