2018 PBC Children's Ministry Evaluation
This evaluation is place for you to help us grow as we serve your child(ren). We want to serve them and your family well and it well help us to hear the bad and the good. We desire to have a full 360 evaluation in order to know our strengths and weaknesses.

These 6 questions are the center of what we do.

Please help us evaluate ourselves in these central areas.

Name (Please give name. It will help us follow up and have context and understanding) *
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This question helps us to reach Mom and Dad primarily as we provide care for their children. By being safe, looking safe, and promoting safety we ensure that Mom and Dad trust the children's ministry so that whole family can be ministered to effectively.

Within this question we ask:

Do we have safety procedures?
Do we communicate these procedures?
Do we enforce those procedures?
Are the kids safe?
Are the leaders safe?
Is the church safe?

How safe do you feel dropping your child off at Prospect? *
What can we do to be more safe?
(This is a good time to be clear and tell us how we can improve at keeping our children safe).
Your answer
What do we do well to ensure your child's safety?
(This is a good time to brag on an individual or individuals or a process that has made you feel safe)
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2. Are we Engaged?
This question helps us to evaluate if we are Reaching the child. By engaging the child we have done our part of the church team to reach the Family.

Is the child the child having fun?
Does the child feel loved?
Do they feel included?
Do they want to come back?
Have they been motivated?

How engaged(having fun on purpose) do you think your child is at Prospect? *
Not Engaged
Very Engaged
Where have we done poorly at engaging your child?
(Is there a certain event,activity, program, or opportunity that has failed to engage your child or that your child does not enjoy that we could learn from?)
Your answer
What do we do well to Engage your child?
(Is there a certain event,activity, program, or person who has helped your child be involved and desire to be apart of what we do)
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3. Are we teaching the Gospel?
This question ensures that we are Teaching the Gospel. Teaching the word of God is essential to this process, but we want to stray away from he concept of teaching DO’s and DONT’s but instead Teaching the knowledge of who God is/Jesus so that we can be transformed in this knowledge and therefore walk worthy. Colosions 1:10

Do they know what the bible says?
Do they know what it means?
Can they apply it?

How do we know if We are teaching the Gospel?
1. Who is God?
2. Who are we without Jesus?
3. Who is Jesus?
4. Who are we are Jesus?

How well are we teaching the Gospel(biblical message) to your child? *
NOT Teaching Well
Teaching Well
where have we taught well? *
This a great place to share where we have taught your child well in Sunday school, children church, or one of other teaching moments.
Your answer
How could we have taught better? *
Is there a time where we missed an opportunity to teach your child, they left confused or is there something they don't understand that we need to address
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4. Are we Leading (serving) others?
1. Are we serving in? Are we recruiting leaders to work in children’s ministry and training them accurately
2 Are we serving out? Are we training our children to serve each other and training them how to do so
3. Are we serving around? Are the kids ministering to the community?

This question helps us evaluate if we are teaching children to minister to each other and if we are ministering to them.

How well are we Training our Adults/Youth to Lead children? *
If you have issue with a particular adult or youth Leader please bring it to children's pastor's attention in person so that we can go to that individual together. If you have praise the same applies. Thank you
NOT training Adult/Youth Leaders well
Teaching Leaders well.
How well are we Training Children to Lead(serve others)? *
Please note* We are training all children to serve others but as they get older we give them more responsibilities.
NOT training Children Leaders well
Teaching Leaders well.
Do you have positive stories or moments to share about your child learning to lead or being served by child leaders?
Your answer
What is an area you think we can improve our training of our child leadership?
Your answer
5. Are we connecting the child to the parent?
This question is to help us evaluate if we are ministering to the family as a whole. Sometimes we compartmentalize church and We are seeking to tear that wall down by recognizing that moms and dads are the primary spiritual caregiver of the home. We want to partner with parents, but more importantly we want to empower them to fulfill their role.

Duet 6:4-6

4 “Hear, O Israel! The Lord is our God, the Lord is one! 5 You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might. 6 These words, which I am commanding you today, shall be on your heart. 7 You shall teach them diligently to your sons and shall talk of them when you sit in your house and when you walk by the way and when you lie down and when you rise up. 8 You shall bind them as a sign on your hand and they shall be as [b]frontals [c]on your forehead. 9 You shall write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates

How are we reinforcing you as a parent? *
not very well
very well
What could we do better to help you lead your child in your home and at church?
Your answer
What have we done that has helped you connect to your child at church and help you teach at home?
Your answer
6. Are we connecting the child to the church body?
This question helps us to evaluate if we helping to minister to the church body as a whole, including children. The bible says that we are to assemble ourselves together.We believe that children who are believers are part of that assembly. This means that if the children are not connected to the senior adults, youth, or whole body we are not truly functional.
How well do you think your child your child is connected to the Church Body overall? *
not very well
very well
What are some ways that you would like to see us connect your child to the Body Life in the future?
Your answer
What are some ways that you feel we have connected your child to the church Body and Fellowship?
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