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Frequently Asked Questions
What happens after I click submit?
Once you have submitted your information, the content will be sent to the Reviewer of that region. If the Reviewer is interested in tasting your wines, he/she will email you directly to request samples.
Where should I send samples?
Do not send samples unless the Reviewer has requested you to do so. Each Reviewer receives samples in a different country/location. (Unsolicited samples sent to the Napa office will not be tasted.)
Do I need to follow up?
No, you do not need to follow up once you have submitted your information.
Does submitting my information guarantee that my wines will be reviewed?
Submitting your information does not mean that your wines are guaranteed to be reviewed. Submitting your information means that the Reviewer will consider asking you to submit samples to review. Wines chosen for review and publication are at the discretion of the Reviewer.
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