Psychological Science Alumni: Where are you now?
Are you a graduate of the Gustavus Adolphus College Psychological Science department? Then we want to hear from YOU!

We want to share your accomplishments with our community and put current majors in contact with our graduates. We hope to feature one or two alumni each month on our Psychological Science Blog, and feature alumni activities on our Beck Hall digital display. This will show current students and visitors the vast array of post-graduate experiences Psychological Science students have! So please take a moment to fill out this won't take long and we would love to hear from you. Thanks!
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If you had other majors/minors besides Psychology/Psychological Science at Gustavus, please list them here:
If you have completed graduate education beyond your degree from Gustavus, please list your degree title, year of graduation, and graduate school (e.g., Ph.D. '99, University of Minnesota; MS in Speech Language Pathology '12, University of Iowa):
Where are you located now?
What are you doing now? (Where are you working? If you're in graduate school, what field are you in?)
How did the Psychological Science department help you get where you are today?
What is your favorite memory of the department, your classes, or your time overall at Gustavus?
Anything else you would like to add or mention?
Would you be willing to participate in a brief email/phone interview with a current student and have your responses publicized on our blog and Beck Hall digital display? We want to share your accomplishments with others!
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Would you be interested in giving a short in-person or skype presentation to current students about your field or your journey to where you are now?
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Would you be interested in providing your contact information to current students who are interested in your field and want advice?
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