Misfit Critter Farm & Sanctuary Adoption Application
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Would you consider taking an allergy medication if you or a family member developed an allergy to the animal? *
Who lives in your home including yourself? (Name, Age, Occupation, Relationship) *
Have you or any one who has lived in your home ben convicted of animal cruelty, abandonment, neglect or other such charge? *
Have you or anyone in your household taken an animal to the shelter as a surrender before? *
Do you understand that if this animal needs to be rehomed, you MUST, by law contact Misfit Critter Farm & Sanctuary to reclaim the animal? No animal adopted from Misfit Critter Farm & Sanctuary is to ever be taken to any other rescue, shelter, sold, posted on free sites, posted on craigslist or other sources. The animal MUST be returned to Misfit Critter Farm & Sanctuary. This is punishable by law. *
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How long have you been at your current address? *
Are you planning to move in the next year? *
Would your animals go with you if you moved? *
Do you: *
If you rent, does your contract allow pets? *
Is there additional rent or a monthly fee for the animals living in the apartment? *
Are you in the financial position to assume this extra cost of adopting an animal? *
If you rent, please provide your landlord's name and phone number. Your landlord will be contacted. *
Has each family member or roommate agreed to allow the animal in the household? *
Please list all animal that have lived with you in the past 5 years. (Name, Species, Breed, Age, Sex, Deceased, If yes, how) *
Which of these animals are spayed/neutered? *
Where are your current animals kept? (Indoors, outdoors, explain) *
Please list all animal hospitals you have used in the last 3 years. (Name, Dr. Name, Address, Phone Number) *
Are your animals current on their vaccines? *
Have all of your cats been combo tested for felv/fiv? Date? Outcome? *
Have you ever had a cat declawed? *
Would you ever have a cat declawed or the tendons cut to prevent use of their claws? Explain. *
Will you let this animal outside? *
Do you understand that taking an animal to the shelter as an owner surrender is a death sentance and the animal will likely be pout down in 48 hours to make room for more animals? *
Do you promise to contact Misfit Critter Farm & Sanctuary if for any reason you can no longer provide care for the animal? *
Misfit Critter Farm & Sanctuary will always take the animal back and you will be responsible for paying for any needed medical care at the time of intake back into the rescue. Do you agree to this? Please initial next to answer. *
Misfit Critter Farm & Sanctuary is looking for only the best possible forever homes for these rescued critters. Cats can live up to 20 years easily with the correct care and nourishment. Dogs and other animals can live that long as well, Are you prepared to provide love and care at all times for as long as this animal's natural life lasts? *
By signing this form, I/we acknowledge that all information on this form is true and correct. I/we understand that any misrepresentation of fact may result in refusing adoption privileges to me/us. If my/our request for adoption is approved and later it is discovered the above information is not true or correct, I agree that the rescue has the legal right to remove the cat from my home and find him/her a suitable home. Denial of the application can occur at any point in the adoption process and for any reason Misfit Critter Farm & Sanctuary decides. Understand that Misfit Critter Farm has the right to deny any application for any reason. We reserve the right to not release the reason for denial. In addition, I(we) agree that typing my(our) name(s) in the “Signature” space below, and sending this application to Misfit Critter Farm & Sanctuary or a Representative of Misfit Critter Farm & Sanctuary Network via electronic mail, constitute my(our) agreement with all provisions of this application just as if I(we) had actually signed my(our) name(s). *Microchipping your cat is highly recommended. All adults who live in the household must sign below. *
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