NASSAM 2022 Northern California initial survey
This is an initial interest survey for people interested in participating in the NASSAM 2022 national meet in and around Santa Rosa, California. We are asking for your honest answers and input as we begin planning. None of the details here are binding, and nobody will request or accept money or signatures at this time.

Please answer at least the first three questions. We are requesting your email address to make sure there's only one response per person; you'll be able to get a confirmation of your survey and update answers later if desired (for a limited time). This contact info will be maintained by the organizing committee and will not be sold, traded, lent, or otherwise used beyond the purposes of organizing and communicating the NASSAM 2022 event details.

If you have questions about this survey or want to reach a person about it, contact
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1. What region or club area are you in (whether you are an official club member or not)? *
2. Are you an official (registered, active, and/or paying) member of the club you mentioned above? (This is for statistical interest, not a requirement to attend.)
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3. Do you plan to attend the 17th North American Solstice Sky Annual Meet (NASSAM) "KAPPA-FORNIA DREAMIN’" June 20-24, 2022 in and around Santa Rosa, in Northern California? If no, no further questions apply (but see #6 anyway). *
4. How many Kappa vehicles do you plan to bring?
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5. How many people will be in your family/party?
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6. The event is scheduled for June 20-24 (Mon-Fri) with registration opening Sunday the 19th. There will be extra events the preceding weekend (Sat 18-Sun 19) and the following weekend (Sat 25-Sun 26). Would you be interested in staying for those extra days (with other runs and possibly a longer overnight trip) or attending only that part of the event? There would be no extra fee if you are registered for NASSAM itself, but there will be an option to register only for this part.
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7. Are you interested in participating in a Track Day? (Sonoma Raceway offers both road course and drag strip options. We are still investigating limitations such as pace cars if any, whether there are roll cage or helmet requirements, and other similar issues.)
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8. Are you interested in participating in an Autocross Day? (Autocross is a timed solo course race, and usually requires a helmet but no roll cage)
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9. Which of these categories of event or run are you interested in? Mark all that apply.
10. Do you plan to stay at the event hotel(s), or make other arrangements? Remember that event hotel stays help subsidize the facilities we use at that hotel, so if you can stay at the event hotel, it helps the event out greatly.
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Any other comments, suggestions, or ideas for NASSAM 2022? Remember, we'll be inviting feedback for most of the next three years, so don't worry if you don't think of anything right now.
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