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School Criteria for Placement Elementary Only

Based upon their knowledge of each student, classroom teachers work as a team in the placement decisions for the coming year to ensure balanced classrooms. Our goal is for your child to receive the best possible placement using the following guidelines to ensure each classroom will have the most optimal balance of students that meets the needs of their learning styles.

> Instructional reading level
> Special instructional support needed
> General work habits and behavior
> Ratio of males to females
> Parent input

If you feel your input would help us in making the decision of your child’s placement, please provide us with the following information before May 1, 2020. Please remember, while the information you are submitting is taken under careful consideration, it is NOT the only criteria used for your child’s placement. Our goal is to have all classrooms with a well-balanced mix of learning styles and personalities.
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My child's learning style is characterized by the following: *
My child's personality best works with a person who is: *
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To receive consideration for placement, this form must be completed and submitted no later than May 1, 2020. *
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