FaSoLa Minutes Corrections
The minutes of Sacred Harp singings were written by humans and parsed by computers, both of which can introduce error in the minutes data. To address these problems, as they appear in the "FaSoLa Minutes" app, we're asking the singing community to assist in finding erroneous or alternate name spellings and report them here.
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Uncorrected Name: *
The mistake or undesired alternate spelling as it appears in the "FaSoLa Minutes" app. Please enter one uncorrected name per submission of this form.
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The desired spelling of the name.
Is this a typo or alternate spelling? *
Typos are "just plain wrong" (e.g. "Jessie Perlman Karlsburg"). Alternate spellings are correct but differ from a singer's preferred name or may predate a singer's name-change (e.g. "Jesse P. Karlsberg" or "Cassie Franklin").
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In case we have a question concerning your correction.
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