Corporate Gift Giving form
If you are ordering more than 10 boxes and would like them to be gifts for your clients or team members please fill out the details below. Boxes will be sent to the charities who need them the most and will help people experiencing homelessness. Teams/clients will receive a certificate of donation!
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We have a selection of different type of boxes - please select the type of box you would like to order. If you would like a combination of the boxes, please list this in the 'Other' section.
Would you like to hand out the boxes yourself or would you prefer that we distribute the boxes to one of our chosen charity partners? *
Would you like your company branding on the boxes? (this is an extra $5 a box). (minimums may apply). *
We can organise for the boxes to be branded with a vinyl sticker.
Please provide details below for the certificate of purchase. Please provide as much detail as possible, email address, names and message etc *
Please provide note below for person experiencing homelessness if you'd like to send one.
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