AFT CT - Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Outreach Survey
AFT is advocating for its members and all caregivers at the local, state, federal and global levels. Please complete this survey to help provide clarity about your situation during this difficult time. Your participation is greatly appreciated. Note: Your responses are confidential unless permission granted to share publicly.
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Any issues related to the way your Hospital is managing the pandemic?
What precautions is your employer taking to protect you and your patients?
What personal protective equipment (PPE) is available to you at work?
Does your Hospital respect the CDC guidelines in regards to on-to-one patient assignment for COVID-19? (Per the CDC, suspected COVIC-19 patients should be one-to-one).
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Do you believe your Hospital should provide Hazard pay during the pandemic for all shifts?
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Has your hospital considered waiving of attendance disciplines for calling off sick or lateness due to receiving screening at the hospital entrance?
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Are there special procedures for handling linens used by Covid-19 patients communicated by the Hospital?
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Has the Hospital provided scrubs to staff treating covid-19 patients to be laundered on site? This could reduce the risk of hospital workers carrying the virus into the community or home.
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Are there any isolation rooms prepared for COVID-19 at your Hospital?
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Screening question and testing of staff. Is that happening at your Hospital/facility?
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Is Central Supply available 24/7 at your Hospital?
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Do you want to join a committee of workers to tackle those issues? *
Any other suggestion to improve your working conditions?
Are you willing to share your experience & concerns publicly? *
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