Goodman Games Gen Con 2018 Customer T-shirt Poll (non-committal)
We here at Goodman Games would like to take an informal poll about some Gen Con t-shirt options we have for Gen Con 2018. This is a non-committal poll, meaning that you're not obligated to buy a specific shirt based on your responses. We're just trying to take into account our customers' collective interest in making our decisions about this year's t-shirt order. Thank you for your responses.
Are you attending Gen Con 2018 *
What size of t-shirt would we need to stock in our Gen Con booth to accommodate you or for whomever you're buying a shirt? *
Please rank the following five t-shirt styles in order of preference, with 1 being your highest preference of the options shown, and 5 being the lowest preference of the options shown.
1st Preference
2nd Preference
3rd Preference
4th Preference
5th Preference
Count Dante t-shirt
Deadly Hands Option A
Deadly Hands Option B
Deadly Hands Option C
Deadly Hands Option D
Count Dante: Deadliest Game Alive t-shirt
Deadly Hands: t-shirt Option A
Deadly Hands: t-shirt Option B
Deadly Hands: t-shirt Option C
Deadly Hands: t-shirt option D
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