Amanda Rose Laura Fellowship Application
The Amanda Rose Laura Foundation aims to provide enriched educational experiences for students in under-served communities. Filling a gap in educational support for underprivileged students, the foundation's mission is to empower teens with tools to better prepare for college, find employment, and achieve their personal and professional goals.
About the Amanda Rose Laura Fellowship
The Amanda Rose Laura Foundation is soliciting applications from teachers who share our goals for grant fellowships with which to fund their ideas. The Foundation's aim is that the fellowship would empower teachers' time and resources in order to create new curricular and co-curricular opportunities for their students. We are accepting applications for grants up to $2,500.

We encourage applicants to be creative and innovative in their proposals. The strongest applications will propose projects with their students that would span the course of the academic year, build toward a specific goal or set of skills, and fill a gap in what may be available to students through the school curriculum currently accessible to them. Examples include adding a journalism course that would publish a monthly school newspaper, developing a robotics team and taking the team to a competition, starting a mock trial or Model UN program, or even building a sports team. Recent fellows have used funding to build a music recording studio & course, integrate tactile labs into a biology curriculum, and build a community garden. A non-example would be a weekend field trip or a one-day event. These examples and non-examples are only to provide guidance--please do not be limited by them!

To learn more about the Amanda Rose Laura Foundation and about Amanda's journey with her students, please visit

If you have questions specific to your application or your idea, please email Victoria Ryan, a member of the Amanda Rose Laura Foundation Board of Directors, at

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Please submit a brief project budget noting the funds you require (up to $2,500) and what they will go towards. If purchasing meals or compensation for your time factor into your proposal, we recommend that food should be calculated at $15/person and your time should be calculated at $25/hour. Your budget should give us an idea of how you would spend the grant if selected to be an Amanda Rose Laura Fellow, but does not need to be itemized in minute detail.
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The expectation of Amanda Rose Laura Fellows, if selected, is to participate in 2-3 Foundation events with members of the board throughout the year. Please confirm that you would be willing to attend local events, as your schedule permits?
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