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Being a Part of NSR
At NSR we try to accommodate all ideas, and encourage people to think about how they can create the best and most innovating broadcasts. If you're trying to achieve something, whether that be writing a review or presenting a show, or something more complex like an outside broadcast or podcast, all you need to do is ask. You can be involved in NSR in a variety of ways. You can present your own show and you can also apply to be part of the music, news, entertainment, sports, marketing or technical teams. These teams meet weekly to ensure that their area is being properly maintained on NSR. As well as enabling you to socialise with people with similar interests, the teams contribute to the behind the scenes running of the station and their role will be more thoroughly explained below. Don't worry! You can be part of a team and also present your own show on air.
Would You Be Interested In Joining The Music Team? *
The music team is our biggest team. They get sent all sorts of new music each week to review. Alongside that, there are also opportunities to review gigs around town, and sometimes even interview the artists themselves. The team is also in charge of creating the playlist, which daytime presenters and auto-dj play. Examples include interviewing The Wombats and hosting a live performance of We Are Scientists.
Would You Be Interested In Joining The News Team? *
The news team are in charge of 'The Feed' - a daily bulletin that goes out on air, and then is recorded and uploaded to the website. What goes into the daily feed and who presents it on the day are all up to the news team. Create your own stories by grabbing one of our dictaphones and seeking out interviews and opinions to play back on the bulletin. Examples include going to London and seamlessly integrating yourself with a student protest whilst holding a dictaphone.
Would You Be Interested In Joining The Sports Team? *
The sports team focus on every kind of sport - at uni, at national or at international level. This is a fairly new side to NSR, so if you have any big ideas on how we could improve our sports output - maybe you're in a team, or have a few sporting contacts - we'd love for you to get involved with this team. Examples include interviewing sports team captains on air.
Would You Be Interested In Joining The Entertainment Team? *
The entertainment team is similar to the music team in its role - instead focusing on the arts and culture side of the town and unis. Check out the arts and culture blog to see what sort of things you could be getting up to with a dictaphone in hand. Examples include free tickets and backstage passes to the comedy club.
Would You Be Interested In Joining The Marketing Team? *
Always popular for those with the creative flair - NSR needs flyers, posters, website maintenance, and general exposure to the student population. It doesn't matter how you get the word out to people - just that you do, and that you make NSR look awesome in the process. Examples include all the promotional content you see on the website.
Would You Be Interested In Joining the Technical Team? *
This one is a little more specialised, though if you're willing to learn then get involved too. The tech team keeps us on air, but often you'll find that they have crazy new ideas too. In that sense it is also a creative problem solving role - you have an idea, which usually rapidly turns into a problem, and then you solve it. Along the way you'll learn (or teach, depending on how good you are) about various wares, hard and soft, and come to love spending all-nighters trying to implement that big technical idea. Examples include solving how to broadcast live from Gateshead International Stadium when the wifi breaks mid game...
Being On Air
You can be on the Radio without being part of the teams above. Please fill in the below sections if you are interested in presenting.
Daytime Presenting *
Daytime shows run from 9am - 6pm. If you're a presenter on one of these shows, then we ask that you stick to a couple of rules. Firstly, we need you to actually attend your show. It looks a bit naff if our prime time slots are just auto-dj playing tune after tune - a listener might as well go to spotify. Give people a reason to listen. Secondly, you can play whatever you want, but we also need you to play some playlisted songs. That's not us being picky, that's how radio works - if you listen to BBC Radio 1 for more than 3 hours you will almost certainly hear the same song twice. Being a daytime presenter is rewarding because it's the time when people are about on uni - your audience might be a floor beneath you in the union or they might be slaving away in the library.
Availability For Daytime Shows *
Please tick all the times you could realistically do. You can choose more than one option.
Specialist Shows
Specialist shows are after 6pm and they give the presenter more freedom to play the music of their choice. A specialist presenter does not have to play songs from the playlist. So, go nuts. If you like acoustic music, or metal, or folk, or you DJ, or... It's your show - do what you want with it. Obviously we'd still like you to show up if we give you a slot!
Would you like to be a Specialist Presenter? *
Availability For Specialist Shows *
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What is your idea for a Specialist Show? *
Sell us your idea for a show! Whilst we try to accomodate everyone, there is usually some competition for slots.
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What would be the name of your show? *
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Do You Want To Co-Host With Anyone?
Optional but if you do want to co-host please provide their name.
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Thank you!
We'll get back to you as soon as possible. If you've said you want to be on air, then we'll need to train you up on how to use all the equipment, as well as let you know when the socials are so you can meet everyone. All the information you need will be in an email early October time. Thanks!
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