Ubumuntu Arts Festival 2017
Thank you for your interest to participate in the 3rd edition of Ubumuntu Arts Festival! #Ubumuntu2017 will take place July 14th to 16th 2017 in Kigali, Rwanda at the Kigali Genocide Memorial Center's amphitheatre.
Application Deadline: March 31st, 2017!
Please send any supporting documents to ubumuntu.artsfestival@gmail.com
General Information
Name of Performance
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Name of Artist/Performing Group
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Contact Person
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Email Address
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Abstract of Performance
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Please send your script and/or concept note to ubumuntu.artsfestival@gmail.com
For theatrical performances, please send the full script to accompany your application. If your script is not in English, please send a translated copy and include a note on which language you will use in the performance if not English. For physical and movement performance, please send an attached concept note about the performance. All performance applications are also encouraged to send links of any video footage or any press coverage.
How does your performance relate to the Ubumuntu Arts Festival theme of humanity?
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Performance Duration
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Target Audience
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What style/genre does the show fit into?
Cast Size
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Technical Requirements
Please send your technical rider and any accompanying drawings to ubumuntu.artsfestival@gmail.com
Production Costs
Do you have any sources of funding to cover your production expenses?
If so, which expenses will be covered?
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What outstanding expenses will you need funded?
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If you have a production tour budget, you may attach it to your application.
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