Murder Mystery Night - Adults
Event Timing: Thursday, June 27, 6:30pm (After Hours)
Event Address: Indianola Public Library, 207 N. B Street, Indianola, IA 50125
Contact us at (515) 961-9418 or


Long ago, seven realms existed in relative peace and harmony, with one king ruling all the realms. While one king ruled them all, each realm retained their unique system of rule befitting their culture. The people of each realm differ greatly from one another. Those in the north at Earthsea are considered strong and brave, and House Hunt commands the Army of the North – a large, highly-skilled army who exist for the sole purpose of stopping attacks from any direction of the northern seas. Those of the Linklands are reputed to be people of their word, and highly proper. Those in the Dragon Isles are proud and have a long history, and while their dragons have gone extict, they still believe themselves to be the true heirs to the Throne of the Realms. Those in the Middlelands are warriors who value peace, and have become the self-proclaimed keepers of the peace between the north and the south. The realm of Evonale holds the capital city of Aran, and Castle Aranshield, from which the king and queen rule. Finally, the Southern Isles belong to the Greysons, a war-hungry people who enjoy pleasure at any cost. The Greysons are also the sworn enemies of House Hunt in the north, and before the intervention of The Darkwhispers of the Middlelands, the two factions warred for generations.

Then one day, the peace and balance was broken, when Thereus Greyson of the Southern Isles laid siege to Castle Aranshield. King Drannyl of the Dragon Isles was murdered, and Evonale burned. A generation later, Thereus Greyson’s son, Tyvion Greyson, sits on the throne. Tonight, a feast was to be held in the Great Hall of the castle in honour of the king’s birthday. But when King Tyvion Greyson is found murdered in the Council Room, suddenly it becomes apparent that the castle is full of his enemies – but which one is his killer, and how did they get in and out of the council room without detection?-Courtesy of Shot in the Dark Mysteries

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All participants are encouraged to use their sleuthing skills during the event to figure out the killer, as none of the participants will know who the murderer is!

"Suspects" (Active Participants) - Packets will be made available on Monday, June 24th. Suspects can choose their packet to be delivered either by email or by picking it up at the library. It will contain all of the information you will need about your character, and what to do with that information. You do not need to memorize any of the information in the packet, and can use it during the event.

"Investigators" (Observing Participants) - Your job will be to figure out which of the suspects committed the murder. Each participant will receive paper and writing utensil to take notes as you interview the suspects and make your accusation.

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If you have any questions about the event you may contact Alison at or by calling the Library at 515-961-9418.
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