Library Digital Items Permission Form
Dear Parents and Guardians,

The library has a number of A/V and electronic devices such as digital cameras, digital video cameras, Apple disc drives, Nook e-readers, and MP3 audiobooks available for check out that are more expensive than the average book. We will continue to have these available for student use, but want to provide you with the opportunity to opt out of allowing your student to sign these items out should you wish to not be financially responsible for their loss or damage.

Therefore, we ask that you check the appropriate box below to indicate whether or not you would like to allow your student to borrow any of these items. If this form is not completed, we will not check any digital item out to the student. Please complete this form by September 21, 2020.
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I hereby give permission to the above student to borrow electronic/digital equipment from the Windham High School Library and accept financial responsibility for any lost or damaged item. *
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