Inquiry-Based Learning
It is my goal to re-imagine the baking curriculum as inquiry-based, driven by student questions, and engaging for all learners. I propose that teaching my students how to ask questions and guide their learning is beneficial to them in all areas of life. It will serve them as students and as productive members of society.
The first step in constructing a solid solution to a problem is to collect as much data about the issue as possible. I appreciate the time you are taking to share your thoughts and expertise with me.
All responses are anonymous.
Thank you!
Are you familiar with inquiry-based learning?
Is it possible for a learning unit to successfully center around "Big Questions"?
Should those"Big Questions" be broad or narrow?
Should those "Big Questions" be student or teacher-generated?
How can student questions be used to guide student learning?
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What is a benefit of teaching students how to ask better questions?
Your answer
How much can learning be affected by teaching students how to ask better questions?
What's the best way for students to be taught to ask better questions?
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Encouraging students to ask questions is important to the learning process.
Sometimes it is necessary to discourage students from asking questions
Related to the last question, please describe a time when it is necessary to discourage students from asking questions.
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Have you ever attempted to use inquiry based learning in your classroom?
If you have used inquiry-based learning activities please briefly share your feelings about the experience.
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When using inquiry-based learning activities, it is possible to get all students engaged in the activity
What is the best way to draw in the students who are difficult to engage?
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