BIOL 395/395H/495 Application

Undergraduate Research course. In order to apply for this course you need to already have identified a research faculty (Principal Investigator i.e. PI). If the PI is not a biology faculty, you also need to identify a biology faculty that will serve as your biology research faculty sponsor.

For your first or third semester of doing BIOL 395/395H/495, you are required write a 10-page paper (including graphs and photos) in a scientific paper format based on your research work. If you are doing your 2nd semester of BIOL 395/395H, you will need to prepare a research poster and turn in an abstract summarizing your research work.

Prerequisites: Must have completed BIOL 201 or 202, and have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.
Credit Hours: Variable (1-3). Full 3 hrs. credit require 10 weekly hours of research.

Counts as: Experiential Education credit. 3-5 credit hours of research may be counted as one biology elective; 6 credit hours may be counted as one one biology elective with Lab. BIOL 495 does NOT count as an upper level course towards the major.

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Check with your PI the answer to this question- Will the student’s research involve work with Infectious Agents or Clinical Samples? If the answer is positive you need to - 1) fill out the IA form found here - and 2) contact Dr. Ann Matthysse at and schedule an online meeting in the beginning of the semester so she can provide the relevant safety guidelines. When you contact her, attach your IA form. *
NC Honor Pledge: I certify that all information contained in this application is accurate and I agree to fulfill all my responsibilities as a Biology undergraduate researcher. My research will be will be done with the full knowledge of the PI of the Lab and my Biology sponsor (full-time BIOL faculty member). I will receive no unauthorized assistance in the completion of my research and the required final paper or abstract. (Check below before submitting application) *
After you receive a copy of your responses, please keep your copy. We recommend to give a copy to your PI and Biology Sponsor *
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