Nov 13-15th:WRC Training Institute In-Person Training at Grand Mound- PLEASE COMPLETE BY MONDAY, October 21, 2019
{Washington Reading Corps In-Person Training}: Is a REQUIRED training day designed specifically for WRC AmeriCorps members.
{WHERE/WHEN}: Great Wolf Lodge, 20500 Old Hwy 99 SW, Grand Mound, WA 98531
Event starts November 13th at 3 pm and ends November 15th at 2:30 pm
{WORKSHOP TOPICS}: Leadership, Management of Tutoring Groups, English Language Learners, Early Learning and foundational reading skills taught by the Office of Superintendent for Public Instruction and the Educational Service Districts
{NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES}: Get to know your fellow AmeriCorps members and WRC staff.
{IMPORTANT NOTE}: WRC will provide one morning and one afternoon hot beverages and snack and breakfast, lunch and dinner. We can offer vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options on request, so be sure to fill out this option below. If you need additional snacks or drinks, please bring them along. WRC will also be providing you with lodging for the Great Wolf Lodge for the night of November 13th and 14th. WRC pairs by gender, and if possible, by site location. If you have any preferences, please indicate your preference in the question below on this topic. Your site is responsible by contract to arrange or cover the cost of transportation to the training and back, so please arrange this with your site. WRC will not be coordinating carpools, but we will be sharing the email address of members who provide their emails and want to volunteer to help carpool other members.
{QUESTIONS?} Please contact your WRC Program Coordinator
19/20 WRC Training Institute: Leadership, Mindfulness and Service
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Your service site is responsible for helping you successfully get to the training, but if you are driving to the Training Institute, are you willing to take riders? If so, how many other members can ride with you? (If you opt in to take riders, we will share your email address via an email, so nearby members can contact you who are in search of a ride.) *
WRC will not be coordinating carpools, but we will be sharing the email of members who volunteer to help carpool other members.
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As this training is several days, AmeriCorps members will be staying overnight at the Great Wolf Lodge for two nights. Members will be paired in hotel rooms by gender. Members of the same gender at the same agency will be paired as much as possible. Please mark the gender you most identify with: *
If you have any requests for room pairing, please include them below, otherwise if not put N/A. *
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