The Workplace Trauma Center Responder Application Form
The Workplace Trauma Center is always looking for qualified crisis responders throughout the world. Please carefully review our minimum requirements before filling out the application
If you have any questions about whether your qualifications meet our requirements please at

Minimum Requirements:

- A Masters Degree or higher in a mental health field
- A License to practice at the independent level
- Professional liability insurance
- Training in Critical Incident Stress Management preferred, but comparable training will be considered
- Experience in providing on-site workplace crisis support

Once you have submitted this form please send the following documentation to us by fax at 410 970-4529, or by email to

1. Graduate diploma
2. Professional license
3. Professional Liability Insurance verification
4. Critical Incident or crisis management training certificates

Please start the Application process by filing out the online form below and submitting it to us.

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We offer training programs to our corporate clients. If you are interested in offering training programs, please list the programs you currently are able to offer.
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Have you ever had privileges at any hospital, facility, or health plan, voluntarily or involuntarily surrendered, denied, suspended, revoked, restricted, limited or put on probation? *
Have you ever been placed on probation or asked to resign from a CISM team, disaster mental health team, or other crisis intervention program? *
Have any of your licenses, board certifications or professional association memberships been suspended, revoked or restricted in any way? *
Has your malpractice insurance ever been cancelled, suspended, restricted, limited, special rated or not renewed? *
Are you currently engaged in the illegal use of drugs? *
Is there any reason that you are not able to perform the essential functions of the position for which you have applied? *
Within the last (5) years have you been reprimanded or disciplined in any manner by any state licensing authority or professional board or peer committee for conduct related to the use of alcohol or the use of drugs? *
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