Jack Benny Center for the Arts - Scholarship Application Form
Please read Scholarship Guidelines below before completing this form.
This form is set up for 3 students. If you are only applying for 1 student skip the sections for student 2 and 3. If you need more than 3 please submit this form multiple times.

The Waukegan Park District awards scholarships without regard to race, creed, color, sexual orientation, or national origin.

You will be required to set up an online login at https://bit.ly/2WliAqU (this will direct you to the Waukegan Park District registration page). If you need help setting up a login please email jbcfrontdesk@waukeganparks.org or call 847-360-4740 and leave a voicemail.

The following guidelines have been established to aid in the process of awarding scholarships to students of Jack Benny Center. Parent/Student must be resident of the Waukegan Park District, non-resident fees will not be covered by the scholarships. Exceptions to these requirements may be made only with the approval of the Manager of Cultural Arts. A partial payment must be made to secure registration.

Any student five (5) years of age and up is eligible to apply for a scholarship.

There is no specific income requirement. However, the request should include proof of household income. All information will remain confidential and be reviewed exclusively by the scholarship committee to determine need. All Social Security numbers must be blacked out or the form cannot be accepted.

Area of Study
The student must pursue an area of arts study provided at the Jack Benny Center.

The student must provide two references or written letters of recommendations. References and Letters of recommendation should include: Name, phone number, address and email of person writing the recommendation. If this information is not included, the recommendation cannot be accepted. Recommendations from family members or parents/guardians of the student are not acceptable.
For music lessons we STRONGLY encourage that one of the references be your current orchestra/band/choir/music teacher

Attendance must be consistent, or the scholarship may be revoked.

Granting of Scholarships
Scholarships are granted by the Scholarship Committee, whose members include the full-time staff members of Jack Benny Center, and any others named by the Waukegan Park District. Decisions are typically made within two weeks.
The Scholarship Committee meets as needed to review applications and recommend scholarships. The amount of a scholarship will not normally exceed fifty percent (50%) of the cost of the program for which the student is enrolled. It is the right of the committee to elect to grant no scholarship based on the application submitted.

Pandemic Considerations
During the COVID-19 Pandemic students may apply for a more complete scholarship. This bonus scholarship will be in effect for 2020. Staff will meet in December to determine if this bonus scholarship will continue or if students will return to their normal scholarship amount.
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