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Hi! ASAP and Haiyya invite applications from young persons living and working in New Delhi to join the 9th Advocacy Institute for Safe Abortion Rights to be held in New Delhi from 17th to 19th January, 2020. There is a growing need for young champions to take on the role of promoting, protecting and expanding the sexual and reproductive rights of people in Asia, especially among the youth. The most challenging of these issues is the right to access safe abortion and SRHR services. Young people need to be able to challenge conservative interpretations that allow cultural practices to be used to restrict the rights of young people, especially young girls and women. Understanding the gender and human rights dimensions of this struggle are important in building the capacity to be able to hold governments accountable for fulfilling the rights of their citizens. Building alliances with communities and key stakeholders is possible through the use of social networking platforms as well as offline activities.
This institute will cover the following topics:
1.Social construct of Gender
2.Human rights and women’s rights
3.Sexual and reproductive health and rights
4.Safe abortion access as a human right
5.Understanding relevant laws and policies
6.Values clarification
7.Communication skills and tools (including social media platforms)
8.Use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and blogs for networking

The Institute will encourage leadership skills and engage in strategic planning to develop ongoing involvement. Participants will have further opportunities to work in close collaboration with ASAP country partners through small grants awarded.

Please look at the eligibility criteria before you apply!

1. You are a dynamic young person between 18 and 25 years of age, living and/or working in New Delhi [Applicants older than 25 who have an interest in advancing safe abortion advocacy are also welcome to apply.]
2. You have a working knowledge of English (at least spoken).
3. You have at least 3 years’ experience working with issues of sexual and reproductive health in any capacity and you are 4. passionate about the sexual and reproductive rights of young people.
5. You have a good social network of other young people and have leadership potential
6. You have good communication skills and know how to use the Internet and smart phones for Facebook, Twitter and blogs.
7. You believe that every girl and woman should have the right to choose if and when she wants to be pregnant and if she wants to continue a pregnancy or not.
8. You can demonstrate how you will use what you learn at the Institute in your work and how you will continue to participate in follow-up activities

What this institute will be:

1. Three (long) days of exciting and challenging conversations!
2. In-depth engagement with issues of sexual and reproductive health from a gender and human rights perspective.
3. Learning how to use communication tools and social networking platforms.
4. An opportunity to interact with other young participants and for enriching exchanges and sharing of experiences.
5. A chance to make a difference as a champion in your own work space
6. Ongoing networking and mentoring support from the ASAP team beyond the workshop
7. Creation of an alumni network to stay involved with the issues and expand your sphere of influence

Selection process:

Hey, this is quick and not complicated at all. After you submit the form, we will have a small screening process on the basis of your response and we promise to get back on your selection status in a week's time and if you are selected, we will be sharing all details with you. Good luck!


For any question, please feel free to contact Madhusmita from Haiyya
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Contact No- 8583826356
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