Boxtop Submission Form- Year 8
In order to have your Boxtops counted by the Crusader Cash Boxtop Committee and then mailed to Boxtops for rewards you must fill out and submit this form online each time you drop off boxtops in the Crusader Cash mailbox located in the MCC Business office.

After you submit online, print 2 copies, one for your records and attach one to your boxtops and drop off at the MCC Business office.

Do not drop to the school offices.
Do not assume your student will drop off for you.

After you submit this online form you will receive an email confirmation.
We strongly suggest you print a copy for your records.

Let's get started with submission
Have you checked your boxtops expiration date? Both clipped and Bonus boxtops expire.
The Boxtop Committee checks each of the 50 clipped boxtops taped to each sheet and every bonus boxtop for expiration dates. If they find even one expired boxtop your sheet must be returned as they cannot be mailed in to Boxtops.

PLEASE check the total value for collection sheets and bonus boxtops if there are any totals in question the committee will contact you at the email you submit below.

Deadlines Year 8 - Sept 2018 - 2019
OCT 12th 2018 - Expiration date on all box tops must be before November 1, 2018
FEB 15th 2019 - Expiration date on all box tops must be before March 1, 2019
MAY 10th 2019 - Expiration date on all boxtops must be before June 1, 2019

Any loose boxtops are placed in the General Crusader Cash account for families to WIN Rewards

Are you registered for the Crusader Cash Program this school year? (2018-2019) *
To verify whether you've registered, visit
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