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UPDATE: At this time we do not need any more Runners. This committee will be apart of our Parish Family Outreach. We want to make sure all of our parishioners stay connected to our parish family during this time of crisis. This is an unprecedented situation and we have no idea how long this quarantine will last. Along with the efforts of staying connected and praying together which will be made public in the upcoming days, we want to make sure we are reaching out to everyone. You are volunteering to be a representative of the Parish and of Fr. Randy and Fr. Ryan to reach out to parishioners and check on them, support them through prayer, accessibility, and if necessary to help with errands or groceries. Below you can sign up to be a phone caller or a runner. You can sign up to be just one or both. UPDATE: At this time we do not need any more Runners.
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Phone Callers--You will contact several families with talking points provided by the parish to check in with parishioners to see how they are doing. You will pray for them and even possibly offer to pray with them over the phone. You will offer them your phone number and email to reach out if there are any needs or concerns that come up. If they need help you will let the parish know and we will do our best to help. The parish will provide an online spreadsheet to keep track of the families you contact.
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UPDATE: WE NO LONGER NEED ANY MORE RUNNERS. Runners--If it is discovered that a parishioner needs help because someone in their household is sick, you will be called upon to help with things like food delivery, grocery shopping, and/or other errands. In particular we want to respond to the needs of the elderly and any one who lacks social support during this time. The preference is that our runners would be under 60 years old and healthy. When delivering anything there are certain protocols you'd need to follow.
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