Dear Graduate:
The Mountain Province State Polytechnic College is currently conducting an institutional tracer study primarily to track the College’s graduates from AY 2014 to 2019. More importantly, the research is being conducted to assess the competencies of its graduates from their own perspectives and those of their employers. Through this, the College can plan for interventions, curricular and instructional enhancement that result to the production of quality graduates across all the curricular programs. To realize our goals, the project leaders designed an institutional Graduate Employability Survey as the primary tool to gather data needed for the study.
In relation to this, we would like to seek for your assistance in providing the information being asked in the attached Graduate Employability Survey. We also ask for your consent to provide personal information under Part I (General Information) because this set of information is also necessary in future research studies related to the graduate survey research. We assure you that all information obtained shall be exclusively used for the purposes of the study and shall be treated with utmost confidentiality. We solicit your cooperation in accomplishing the survey as these sets of information shall serve as primary data of the study.
For your questions and clarifications, please contact the lead person for this research study, Dr. Mark Preston S. Lopez through 0939-640-7782 or 0916-290-8992 or through his email address –
Thank you very much and we appreciate your help in this endeavor.

Very truly yours,

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