International Birdwatchers Survey
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The following survey is an effort to frame and update out the profile of international birdwatchers and their preferences and behaviour. This is a project run by the Costa Rica Birdwatching Board, the Costa Rica Birding Hotspots Route and Birdwatching Central America.

Birdwatching is one of the fastest growing hobbies in the world and one of the top ecotourism activities in destinations as Costa Rica. Understanding better the profile and new trends will help destinations, authorities, companies and ground operators to improve the service and quality to give better birding experiences, understanding better the birding travelers and the new trends, specially to recover after the COVID emergency.

Your participation will be anonymous and confidential, the info will be used with discretion and we will publish the general results, results will be free and available in our web.

Thank you very much for being part of this and helping us in the survey!

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Attitudes and preferences
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Beginning of interest in the birding. You can pick more than one choice. *
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Activities carried out combined with birdwatching. You can pick several. *
Do you take checklist on your trips? *
Do you use the eBird platform-app? *
Do you use applications with images or birdcalls? *
If yes, Which ones?
Do you use playback to attract birds? *
Your current birding gear is? You can pick more than one choice. *
Do you share in social media you birding adventures, photos records? *
Do you travel abroad for the exclusive purpose of birdwatching? *
Do you take advantage of other purpose trips to do birding? *
Average time spent on birdwatching on your travels? *
How many exclusive birdwatching trips abroad have you take in the last three years? *
Usually, You travel? You can pick more than one choice. *
How do you book your trips? You can pick more than one choice. *
Do you hire local guides? *
Do you always travel with an insurance? *
Average Number of weeks abroad for your birding trips?
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25. Average cost per trip abroad (US Dollars $) *
26. Main destinations that you have visited exclusively to observe birds in the last three years? *
Some other countries (not listed) you have visited in the last 3 years?
Target destinations for the next 3 years? Can include repeating destinations. *
27. Main criteria while choose a Birding destination? You can pick more than one choice. *
How do you get information on birding destinations? You can pick more than one choice. *
If you attend travel shows which ones in the last three years?
If you have magazine memberships, which magazines?
29. Do you pick your birding accommodations by having? You can pick more than one choice. *
Is a new section to understand the phenomenon of the pandemic in the tourism industry
Have you postponed/cancelled an exclusive birding trip due to the emergency of the COVID-19 for upcoming months? *
Will you re-arrange your travel plans post-emergency COVID-19? *
When are you planning to start traveling again? *
What measures do you consider that countries, hotels, guides and agencies should take after the COVIC-19 emergency to improve their service and make you feel safer? *
Thank you very much for your help!
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