CRESA Public Education Request
Are you interested in learning more about what CRESA does, or when to call 9-1-1? How about being prepared for emergencies, not only for yourself but your neighborhood? CRESA can provide a wide variety of ways to help fill your educational needs.

Our public information goal at CRESA is to reach, impact, and inform as many of our community members as we can every time we speak or share. Because of staffing and time constraints we have to limit the number of events we can support through the year. To ensure we meet our goal of maximum outreach we prioritize events along the following lines.

- Events that allow us to reach new segments of our community or segments that may not be “plugged in” to regular
community messaging

- Events that allow us to partner with organizations whose mission and membership help us share our message beyond
those in attendance

- Events that allows us reach multiple geographic segments of the community based on those in attendance

- Events with such a large (40+) audience that we reach a broad segment of the community

When requesting CRESA partnership for a public education the more of these key points that your event meets the increased likely hood that we will be able to contribute to your event.

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