BTS Shamrock Edition Interest Form
This is the sign up form for the Between the Sheets Shamrock Edition. It will run from March 15, 2019 to June 15, 2019.

Sign ups close Feb 15, 2019

Submissions are due Feb 28, 2019.

$10.00 buy in is due as soon as you receive notification of acceptance into the anthology. I have a new author paypal, please note the difference: I can also use TransferWise, google pay, the cash app, or Apple Pay.

Previous inclusion in any BTS antho guarantees acceptance as long as the story meets the criteria of the antho.

This edition will be in KU! Let me repeat myself. This edition will be in Kindle Unlimited. If all goes well, so will future editions.

20k HARD limit. We have a total of 600,000 words to play with. The more authors we have, the harder the 20k limit becomes. If we have fewer than 30 authors in the end, we may be able to play with word count a little. Note: this is the MAX word count. If you can write a story that meets the criteria in less words, that's fine too.

Content MUST be never before published. Can come from any world you’ve already created but it has to be fresh material. It does NOT have to be RH, just has to be romance.

It also must have some sort of Shamrock/luck/Irish/St. Patrick's/Leprechaun element.

If your story has a dark theme, you must put a trigger warning at the beginning of the story.

All participating authors must have at least one book out by the time the anthology publishes.

ADDITIONALLY: At least half your submission must be sex BUT the entire story must be able to be read stand alone.
It needs to be a complete story. It can be a bonus for a story you already have. It can be an entirely new story. It can be a series starter. You can do whatever world/subjects you want, as long as it can be read stand alone and has a dystopian type theme.

This antho will be advertised as stand alone stories.

The stories must be edited at a professional level. Please also send in edited samples.

This antho will be $0.99 for preorder, and $0.99 the first week. $4.99 after that. There will be a free week at the end of May.

There is a 10% organization fee from the royalties to the organizers. The other 90% will be split evenly among all stories - so if you co-write, your story only gets one share of the profits.

Your $10 goes toward the cover cost and formatting. Any leftover funds go toward ads the free week.

Every author gets three copies to give away at their discretion, as well as ten ARC copies to reviewers.

The contract will be sent to the email address you provide and should be returned to AND

You are not officially signed up until you pay and return the contract. Filling out this form does not automatically mean you will be accepted in the anthology unless you’ve been in a previous BTS anthology and the story meets the criteria. You will receive a facebook message or email if you are accepted into the anthology.

The point of these BTS anthologies is and has always been for exposure. KU will keep us in the charts, giving us more and more exposure. However, if we max our word count potential out, we have the chance to make a little money, too. So please share with your author friends that we have this anthology open. :)

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Have you already filled out a W-8 or W-9 for tax purposes? If your answer is no, please email and ask for one upon admittance to the anthology.
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Paypal Transaction Number OR actual name the payment is coming from. (You don’t have to pay until official acceptance. If you’ve already been in a BTS antho you’re automatically accepted.) PLEASE leave a note in the paypal payment outlining exactly what you're paying for. *
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