Questionnaire COVID-19. Lifestyles and contagion
Dear friend, relative, colleague, citizen,

please share with us the way you live to understand better how the COVID-19 affects you. It will take 10 minutes to answer. Taking the time to complete the questionnaire is the best way to let us, scientists, understand the social dimension of the pandemic and evaluate possible solutions to help you.

This questionnaire was created during the event “HackCOVID Léman” in Switzerland, organized with the support of With this questionnaire results, we might be able to identify unexpected type of persons more at risk of contagion according to their lifestyles, or spot people in precarious situations to buy food and get help for them.

The questionnaire is anonymized, we only collect the following sensitive information: age, sex, city and country. Other personal information is captured through categories so you do not have to reveal your identity. If you wish to know more about the project or you wish you receive the results you can contact us at
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