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Hi again!

I am glad to see that you have gone the extra click and would like to give us some feedback regarding the new website. Don't worry, it is just a short questionnaire and all questions are optional, so it is possible to just leave feedback on a single question. At the end, we ask for some personal information, this is done to find out about the opinions of certain groups (e.g. freshmen, international students, master students) and not to tie your response to your name. Again this is optional so you do not have to fill this in if you do not feel comfortable doing so.

Thanks again and if you would ever like to discuss topics regarding the website in person, please go to the Japie room and you can propably find one of us there!

On behalve of the ICT Committee,

Leon Rosseau
Project Manager

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Do you feel like it is easier to navigate through the new website and find what you need?
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Are you aware of any new functionalities? Which?
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Do you miss anything on the new website/would you like to add any features?
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What grade would you give the new website?
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