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Please provide information about yourself or your organization. This new OSGeo website is "customer" focused and we would like to list our local chapters and service providers when visitors seek help adopting open source.

You can see an example of the page layout below.

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Name of your organization as it appears on your website (so GeoCat rather than GeoCat BV).
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Company Logo URL
Please provide a high quality logo (SVG preferred. we will display with an appropriate amount of whitespace). If your company provides a branding guide you may wish to link to that.
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Short Description
Paragraph description of your organization. This is a single paragraph shown in company listings.
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Splash Graphic URL
Graphic used to seperate out blurb paragraph from background paragraph; as this is a community focused site we recommend a team photo but it is up to you.
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Background information on your organization establishing your history and credibility with both customer service and open source participation.
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Website URL
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Organization Type
Location Name
Location name (city or country as appropriate for your prospective customers).
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Map Coordinates
Location of your office(s) in lat/lon (if you have many offices make a list, for privacy concerns considering using the city centre where remote staff work from home). These locations are used to show where you are on the map.
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Technology Expertise
Quick note on your expertise as an organization (shown in sidebar).
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Quick note on Languages spoken (example Dutch, English) to be shown in sidebar
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Project Expertise
Highlight experience with open source projects.
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What services do you offer customers.
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Provide an example of the customers you work with (Example: "Provide consultancy services to agencies including the United Nations, CCIAR, national mapping agencies, Environment Canada and European Environment Agency (EEA).").
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Projects Contributing To
List project names so we can cross link; project steering committee will mark those taking on maintenance and release responsibilities as "core contributors" shown on the project page.
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Questions, Suggestions and Feedback
If you have any questions or feedback please let us know. If you have a good suggestion we are accepting volunteers on the marketing committee to help improve this experience for everyone! These google forms are a temporary measure as we stage information for our new website. When the website is live you will be able to login using your OSGeo ID and edit any of the information provided here.
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