Fall 2021 DMK Application
DMK's Fall 2021 Rush Application, DUE MONDAY, 9/20 AT 11:59 PM ET.

if you have any questions, please contact Aarushi (upadhya4@purdue.edu) or Deepthi (kumar378@purdue.edu).
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What do the following terms mean to you? Do you have past experiences/examples to justify why?
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What drives you?
What's your why? (i.e. why do you get up everyday and do the work you do?) *
What do you wish to get out of your time with DMK? How and why? *
Use Case
You have just joined DMK and are tasked with coming up with a new initiative to grow the spirit of Entrepeneurship at Purdue. What initiative would you create? How would you go about creating it? Why should people care about this initiative? How does it bring value to all people involved? (i.e. creators and people who experience the initiative). How it is different from other initiatives? How will you make the initiative sustainable past your tenure overseeing it? What resources do you need to execute the initiative and how do they acquire them?

For more information about existing organizations and initiatives, please research Startup Purdue at https://startuppurdue.com
Make sure to address all aspects of the above description? Be as elaborate as possible, think like a project manager and entrepreneur. *
How did you hear about DMK? *
We plan to have events/weekly chapter in person. Are you alright with this? *
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