Application to pitch at #danSOUP 13th May 2021.
Guidance for people applying to pitch - deadline noon April 16th 2021.

Please read the information below carefully and complete the form beneath. If you have any questions or find anything unclear please email

Have you got a great idea for using the arts to enhance mental health or tackle mental health issues? By arts we mean creative endeavours of all kinds so it could be craft activities, gardening, painting, drawing, photography, writing, dance, poetry, performance, music, pottery, sculpture etc etc. Would a small amount of cash help you to develop your idea? If so, why not apply to pitch for cash at our next #danSOUP event. Even if you don't win any money, previous pitchers have benefited from the publicity, made great contacts and found opportunities for collaboration with others.

Who can apply to pitch?

• Anybody can apply to pitch their creative endeavour as long as you are based in Derbyshire or Nottinghamshire and your idea will benefit people in one or both of these areas.
• If you are successful in winning the money your project should take place in the next 6-12 months following the event.
• We particularly encourage individuals who have an idea for using arts activities but haven't previously had funding or the experience of applying for funding.
• We also particularly welcome creative responses to the challenges of Covid 19.
• You must have access to a phone or computer which can support the use of zoom, so you can join us at our event on 13.5.21. Please see for details.

What does pitching involve?

1. You have 4 minutes to persuade people to vote for your idea/project plus questions (for about 8 minutes) from the panel and the audience.

2. You will speak directly to the online audience and can show pictures or props that you hold in your hand, but nothing that contains any words. You cannot use slides, film or similar technolgy or digital media. Your zoom window is your stage. Mostly it's best to just speak clearly from the heart, but if you wish you can decorate around you, move about or have more than one presenter, but be careful not to lose time unnecessarily. Your pitch is timed and you will be muted when your 4 minutes is up so best to practice and have a clock you can see beside you. Any questions about what you can and can't do please email

3. Your pitch should clearly cover the following questions although you can choose how you address them and in what order.

• Who you are and what your project is called.
• What your creative endeavour project will do and what you will do with £500.
• Why it is important to you.
• How you know this is a good way to address mental health issues - it's OK to be testing a new approach but the panel and audience will want to see a clearly thought-out link between the use of arts/creative activities and mental health or a specific mental health issue.
• Who will benefit - it has to be people within Derbyshire or Nottinghamshire (including the cities) but be clear what district or community you are targeting; how you will do this and how many people will benefit. If your project is an extension of something you already offer to the general public, winning projects have usually made the activity accessible to specific groups such as those on low incomes; living in poor neighbourhoods; with limited access to arts activities or disadvantaged or hard to reach in different ways.
• How you will know if your idea has worked.

The panel's questions
They can ask anything and will often pick up where your pitch has not been clear on any of the items above. The panel members are on our website here. They are usually particularly hot on value for money and your longer term plans.

The audience' questions
They can ask anything and in the past have often asked about what makes your project different from similar activities that already exist. They have also often helped pitchers make links to valuable people, organisations or complementary activities.

Reading the above, it may feel daunting to pitch but everyone, the panel, organisers, donors and audience are all with you. We are all looking for great ideas to support and particularly encourage people who have little or no experience of applying for funding.

If your application to pitch is successful
• You must buy a ticket and be available 6.45pm - 9.00pm on Thursday May 13th
• Once we have released the names of all 4 pitches (we will tell you) you should help us to promote the event and encourage people to buy tickets as this is the main source of the funding (and the votes!). The more ticket sales we have, the more money in the pot. Tickets cost £5 (plus 98p eventbrite booking fee) and all the fivers go to the winning projects.
• Use your social media, mailing lists, personal contacts, opportunities in online meetings you have etc - don't be shy, spread the word! We can't emphasise this enough as magical things have happened for people who haven't even won - offers of alternative funding, alliances, collaborations, job offers etc.

Previous successful projects
These have included workshops for dementia sufferers; confidence building for girls; a garden space, a bereavement exhibition, circus skills workshops, online art club. songwriting....see the previous winners section on the website.

Important deadlines
1. 16th April 2021 - noon deadline for applications to pitch
2. 20 April #danSOUP panel meet to select the 4 applicants to pitch
3. 22 April successful applicants are informed who is pitching
4. 13th May 2021 - #danSOUP online pitching event 7-9pm
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How does it use the arts or arts activities to enhance mental health or tackle a mental health issue? *
Who will it benefit? *
If successful what would you do with the winnings and how long would it take to implement your idea? *
Have you any experience of working with people with mental health issues? *
Do you plan to put some procedures in place to ensure your participants are in a safe place? If you're in doubt about how to provide this, you may like to consider working alongside an existing organisation, who has more experience. Please give details.
Do you have public liability insurance? If you don't we would want you to pay for this from any money you receive. (Artists Network offer this at £38) *
How did you find out about #danSOUP? *
If Other please tell us how
Thank you! We will let you know by 5pm April 22nd if your application to pitch has been successful.
Your application must be submitted by noon Friday 16th April 2021 . Don't forget to purchase your ticket and remember we run these pitch opportunities twice a year in May and October, so if you are unsuccessful this time in being selected to pitch, you can come along and see how it works and apply to pitch at the next one.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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